The Realms Of Light

The Realms Of Light

AA Metatron from The Realms of Light

Greetings daughter, long have I  waited for your realization of my presence by your side.

CWL  Thank you

Within the Realms of Light are energetic frequencies that correlate to the Truth Knowledge and Wisdom which is required by humanity for their salvation

I use this word specifically so the true meaning of the word may become in awareness

Salvation has been used in your past history, to mean, needing saving from destruction/ the devil.  Its connotation has been one of  ‘needing saving from a negative occurance’. 

This is not so.  The vibration of the word salvation is light energy and includes the harmonics of transmutation / transformation.

So many of your religious institutions have /are continuing still, to wield the expression of many written works from a negative perspective particularly fear /control.  Some of humanity has understanding of this yet many more do not.  

Within the Realms of Light( in non physical form) many frequencies of vibration correlate to the written works of great historical value and great purpose.  This correlation has been thwarted, eroded significantly. 

We in the Realms  of   Light ask that the correlated frequency – the harmonics of Truth , Knowledge and Wisdom that were originally contained within so many of your written works that are known as holy, are released in total integrity, in total accord so we  may once again install within these works of significant importance, the frequency the harmonics consistent to the light that is contained within the words.  Light that is still shrouded obscured by envy, fear, control,

The way froward for this to occur is as the Master spoke of  in the  channelled work of 2006.

 The  Realms  of Light ask in one accord that this message is released simultaneously with the message from the Master pertaining to this subject.

Take then the love light blessings from my ‘heart frequency’ to your heart frequency.

The Realms of Light

One Being of Light

Greetings.  We honour you  and  all of humanity as Light Beings within the Realms Of Light.

Our message, a personal and global one comes from The Master in conjunction with The Realms of Light including A Angels Michael and Raphael and the Host.

We speak to you at the level of consciousness that you have understanding of so that this message may be broadcast to those who are conscious of the reality of the Light Body of Humanity (in conscious wholeness ) as one entity inflatable boxing ring

Yet so many of humanity has yet to activate their light quotient consistent with the opportunity afforded them by their souls. 

Let us say this in one accord.                                                                                                                                                                               Those of you who are aware of and have accessed the light body at will  –

Who have made the energetic heart / mind correlation to Truth Knowledge and Wisdom –

Whose heart / soul energetic connection / correlation is made with awareness of attunement to Creator Source,

those of you thus carry within your energetic frequency of light great response ability for your own soul, your group soul and for Humanity’s group soul as one Entity of Light.  

You Dear ones in light form carry  added response ability  consistent with your choice to again Serve within  physical experience.

You Dear ones carry the response ability to em power, by the correlation of your heart / mind/ soul frequency, all life forms in energetic frequency of greater light quotient.

You carry and are light.

Those who are aware of this truth in conscious understanding and living the physical experience from this awareness understand the necessity for the Group Soul of Humanity to realise their light quotient consistent with the Group Soul of Humanity as one collective entity.  No longer singular entities – Humanity is one.  One  entity as energetic frequencies of light. 

 And humanities one light body requires attention. Attention in light frequency attunment alignment.

 Attention from all whose understanding is coming into greater conscious awareness 

Your soul requires this of you – your soul knows this truth.  Humanity is one Being – one true soul.   It can be no other way!

( Does this not put a different perspective on what is occurring within your ( the channel’s ) life now.)

(CWL Yes it certainly does.)

All souls require light.  All souls are seeking awareness of greater quotient as directed from Creator Source in conjunction with the correlating energies from Galactic Core and the light entity Gaia.

This seeking manifests in physical form for those whose light frequency is in greater  need of  harmonising / correlation.

The greater the need for attunment / alignment to be in conjuction  correlation to the single Light Entity of Humanity the greater the need to seek out light in physical form.  For seeking out light in physical from stimulates  energetic frequency which in turn stimulates growing awareness.  For light interacts with light.    

Many of you by your very nature – by your very light draw to you these souls. 

 And those  of you who were aware of the gift of crystalline light placed within your heart which is now fully integrated within your DNA perceive yourselves as light and rightly so for every cell within your being is light vibrating at the frequency of Creator source in conjunction with Galactic Core and the light entity Gaia.  

Just as you are a multitude of lightcells which  in energetic frequency correlate to a physical body – one being, so too is humnity – a multitude of lightcells which correlate to one being.

ALL beings in physical experience are multidimensional light and to be in physical humane form is to re – member – to re awaken to  this truth – ALL beings of light are ONE.    

You the channel know of your correlation to the slugs wasps bees  – the insect domain that has been percieved  and is still being perceived, as  insignificant from humanity’s perspective.

Ultimaetly  the Light Entity known as Humanity

The Light Entity known as the Animal Domain

The Crystal Domain Light Entity

The Plant Domain Light Entity and The Mineral Domain  Light Entity and all the sub divisions together with Planet Earth – The Light Entity Gaia  ARE ALL ONE LIGHT BEING. 

Not divided but correlated. 

Correlated in light frequency. 

 In truth all are frequencies of light,  all in alignment  all in attunment  embodi – ing  in  differing physical form.

Think on what this means for you as  A ONE LIGHT BEING.

We in the Realms Of Light send Love and Joy in frequency of light.  Untill our next communication.