Revelations From the Master

Revelations From The Master

The Master On Post 2012  Voice Message

Revelations From The Master

The following is excerpted from Revelations From The Master channelled 2006

Truth knowledge and wisdom is given to you for your  salvation.

Mankind has come of age.

It is mankind’s birth rite to avail of knowledge held in trust.

Many of the trustees of your faiths are caught in the realms of religious political dogma.   Yet the vibrational frequency of your religious institutions are gradually changing,  for no one or thing is immune to the love light frequencies from God the Creator and the Light Realms that are grounding  upon your planet.
Demand of them not by power or force the truth of your heritage, that which was recorded for you by your ancestors and mine – the Ancients.  Demand in your heart, in your mind.

The Bible was originally inspired by God and is a symbolical and metaphorical reference book for the stage by stage evolution of man.  First written by the Ancient Atlanteans for the purpose of earthing the knowledge of the evolution of man for man to evolve physically emotionally mentally in correlation with the soul.  Remember also that you are all sisters and brothers , children of God the Creator and the Divine Parent loves all creations equally without judgment , without condemnation.

The manuscripts that made up the old testaments recorded the times of Atlantis and other ancient civilizations, the truth of your heritage including the origins of man with minor omissions, some changes. some additions.  In truth it is truth –  legends myths handed down from ancient healer to ancient healer priest to priestess.  And is a record of all ancient cultures, all ancient beliefs, all the ancient arts in healing balancing and communication, including to and from the stars and planets often referred to as dreams.
Some of the writings are from levels of vibration not of you world.  Some are from Akashic records and record the movement of souls from Creator God to manifestation in physical form.
Some are encoded writing some metaphorical some symbolical.   
 Atlantis was not the only ancient civilization to earth the wisdom held in energetic vibration for in coming souls to use for their growth  And this vibrational frequency is being played out here and now and  is for filling its purpose – the evolution of mankind toward the heart energy.

Priests of the old Atlantean Dynasty encoded  into crystals buried deep within Atlantis and are now in deepest ocean, information too powerful as the vibration of the written word.  It was  sufficient for the vibrational frequency encoded within the crystals to  gradually be emitted through silent pulses connected to and monitored by highly evolved souls in spirit similar to your machines of communication being used by remote control.  When the group soul of mankind correlates to the  vibrational frequency of encoded material, the correlation triggers a releasing of the encoded messages as frequencies of vibration.

The messages are soon to be realised as the crystals are soon exhausted of the encodings and so the need for messages to be channelled directly by souls in physical form.
Specific information on the meaning of encoded writings will not be given  for this is part of the evolutionary purpose of mankind, to access  information.  I sow the seeds with your ( the channels) help.