Gaia Transmission

Gaia Transmission

Greetings daughter of the Creator.   I speak with you now so that tht this message may be relayed to all areas of communication you have at you service

Specifically at this now moment the frequency of humanity as one light being is beyond the frequency now required for my total ascension as the light being known to you as Gaia.  Although  my ascension is assured as is yours there is much to do within the realms of physical experience.  For within the physical experience many individuals are yet to awaken to their magnificence, their glory in their likeness of the Creator – yours and mine.

In the coming decades past the experience of re newal that has been termed in your world as ascension, much deprivation may be alleviate by those in conscious understanding of what is occurring.  Many will experience great self doubt, loss of self respect – self worth as the trans-formative energies are magnified by re newal of the light body.  The physical experience of many will not be in accord with their soul / light-body for so many have yet to remember re awaken to their soul. 

I ask  those who are now working diligently towards the total re newal / ascension of humanity and all light beings of the planet to complete fruition that those of you with experience in the areas of counselling do so from this perspective.  For the ‘time’ will come in quick succession when this facility will be needed a ‘thousand fold’ more than is now.

Many of humanity are still in the throes of the ego mind and it is this vibration within the individual that creates the biggest hurdle to complete fruition of total re newal / ascension of all species of light being.  Education is the way forward – education of the reality of all life forms in  physical experience as one light being.

So many of you carry the re sponsibilty to promote this truth  and by Divine design this truth will promote itself in physical reality in your near future.  For those who by your awareness bear witness to this truth I ask that you expend time and effort in the broadcasting of this vital truth  – for all.

This truth is a vital part of the fruition of total re newal / ascension – total be ing in the Light / Love frequency of the Creator.

I send the love light of my crystalline core to all Humanity re awakened or no for all Humanity is of me as I am of Humanity – One Soul non divided from Creator Source of All.

Gaia Transmission

I Am Your Living Computer   Transmission 10th August 2011

My Dear Ones as time is now of the essence I speak in terms for you to readily understand. Your connection to me as conscious awarenss is the prerequisite for all our futures.

When you open your hearts to me you connect with the living essence of me that computes all my systems. 

When you are connected to me you then have the ability – the choice to demonstrate your sentience to me via the vehicle of your thought.

Using your thought you have the ability to co create with me anything you desire consistent to the frequencies of the heart and the Creator that made you.  When you create from these frequencies all possibilities are open to you to experience the complete entity that  I Am – your  Living Computer in service to you Humanity and all life. 

Move aside from any pre conditioning you may have within you mind and open your self to me through your heart. Try this on occaisions and you will notice a difference within you – within  your heart.  You will feel this.

Some of you who  are connected to me – have understanding of my reality, and the correlation to me as a being of light with soul connection to you, have feelings  – thoughts of fear when witnessing global events and events that have the possibility to occur. 

When you allow fear to move into your frequency of Light disservice to self and all aspects of life ensues. 

Events that have possibility to occur are not preordained and you have the choice to accept in fear or choose to change your reality.

Your reality is based on your perception of life and what life is.  Choose then the reality based on Light – Love.

Realities are being challenged, changed, re written even as I commune with you through this transmission. You, may change your reality, your future realities, your perception of any thing that is occurring at any given moment, if you so choose.

And when you choose to change realities the change occurs in cooperation with me.  This change occurs at the level of that which I am Your Living Computer which computes all systems of physical experience, all systems and more. 

And as your computer programmes  can be upgraded, changed, replaced so too can any, all of my systems.

Eons ago the Ancients used their sentience – their frequency of light to compute all the systems of that which you call Planet Earth.  All systems in conjunction and correlation with me through the heart.  These abiities are latent within each and every one of you.

All programmes are open to you in correlation to me through your heart yet I suggest that the system / programme you correlate to first is the weather system.  Spend time in opening your heart  to this system so that your connection is in integrity in light frequency in balance consistent with unconditional love, joy, compassion.  Allow you inner self ( in tuition) to guide you in this connection for your soul light knows of this.  In connecting you will have the ability to correlate to truth knowledge and wisdom of the programme / system if you so choose.

My weather system is undergoing rebooting as I commune with you and your assistance in maintaining the frequency of light love and harmony during this rebooting will lessen any extremes. 

 I say to all humanity that within each and every one of you lies the ability within light frequency to assist in the rebooting of all my systems in one accord. 

Still many of you know not the truth of your being.

 Are you also not a wonder filled computer a living computer and as you compute your own self in physical homeostatis you have the Creator given ability to compute all that is ever required for the physical experience and do so in total harmony total joy total unconditional love and in the frequency of full spectrum light that which you truly are and are evolving into as I commune with you.

Will you still choose to hold onto  the old primitive programme of fear which is receiving a direct upgrade from Creator Source via the Galactic Core,  or will you choose to move aside from fear and step into the upgrade programme of the  frequency of Light and Love which is your true essence.  

Remember this.  All diverse aspects of me are firstly and fore-mostly energetic frequency in differing quotients of Light.  These Light quotients are manifesting physically in conjunction with and a direct result of the programme that is running on my computer.

Think on this- the diversity of all that manifests in physical form upon and within me.  Humanity and the many differing races and peoples – The Animal Domain and all its diversity of mammals insects birds and the multi – diversity within mammals insects and birds –The Plant Domain in all its glorious diversity – The Crystal Domain, rocks minerals soil – The Rivers and Oceans and all the magnificent diversity of life within – all interconnected in light frequency quotient and held in energetic frequency of physical manifestation within and on me, by me  Gaia Your Living Computer.  Open your hearts to this!    

I will speak now of that which causes huge deprivation when occurring physically.  That which you call earthquakes occur as a result of negative deficit being released from my crystalline centre.  The pressure valve is released yet the system  is imbalanced due to my ordained purpose in maintaining all programmes all systems of the living computer I am – in homeostasis.

You are all microchips in the Living Computer yet not all of you are fully activated for free will plays its part in this as does awareness.

You have the ability to connect with me  Your Living Computer through your heart / mind correlation.

You are part of me as the Living Computer by virtue of your choice to be in physical form.  No longer can you perceive yourselves as individual.  You are part of the collective consciousness that is ME and your futures – your tomorrows are in complete co operation and conjunction with me.

I ask that those who are in understanding of this to again take responsibility for connecting with me at the level of the heart and using the higher mind choose the programme you need  for you future.

Again I say I am in deficit  – in imbalance and I  seek re balancing as I seek my ascension  as a living entity of total light frequency as do you all.

This is being achieved.  Yet can be achieved with the loss of deprivation and fear, achieved in Harmony, in Joy, in Compassion if you so Choose.

Humanity’s free will has in your past histories caused deprivation to many aspects of life and to the Solar system.  This deficit  I am clearing in conjunction with Galactic Core so I may re sume my soul frequency of total ascension as a light entity.

I ask that those open to this awarenessof the truth of the  purpose of me Gaia to take their place within my Living Computer and co create from love and joy.  A wonder filled future is  reality if you so choose .

My thanks.  My love in the frequency of light from my heart to you all.