Crystalwhitelight Message

Crystalwhitelight Message

Love – The New Currency.  

It has been said that Love makes the world go round!! 

We limit our perception and use of this beautiful powerful trans-formative energy of the Divine by

falling in – love

love ing another ( in neediness ?)

love ing ourselves, our relatives our friends

love ing our house ,car job and so on.

The word Love represents an energy frequency of vibration( light) that is within every one of us  – the Divinity of the Creator with in each and every one of us.

This light can be used can be directed with intent.  And when the intent is to serve the highest good Love Light becomes a powerful force of transmutation change bringing greater harmony and balance. 

Over twenty years ago I was Psychiatric nurse training as a mature ( 40 ) student and  experiencing difficulties on my first ward with the all female staff.  

During one of my weekly attendances at the now Centre for Greater Self Awareness ( formerly The Swansea Psychic Centre ),  the lecturer advised   ….. The next time you find yourself in a difficult situation fill your aura with love, it will make a difference.

The words touched me on a deep level and I began putting the advice into practise.

As I walked from my room in the Nurses home to the ward.  I visualised my aura expanding filling with love along with the  feeling of love.  Within the week my usual cheery greeting was reciprocated – the coldness and hostility I had felt previously was gone! 

 Take then this scenario further and apply it globally.  The implications are enormous.  Imagine a world where this light energy of love of the Cosmic Creative Source is used through the heart to its optimum level. 

The possibilities are endless and unlimited.  No more confrontational experiences between neighbours,  cultures, races, countries, creeds.

I you habitually re act to certain experiences negatively try the following. (if you persevere you will find your re action ( negative)becomes a response ( positive)

When next an experience causes you to start to re act ( negative) from fear – neediness, STOP.  BREATH.

Sink into your heart.

Visualise /see the light there.

Know /accept the light as the love light of the Creator – your Divinity within.   

You will feel a difference, in the way the experience is affecting you.  And when you continue to stay in the heart you will respond not re act to life experiences.  And this occurs even if the experience could be termed negative for when you are in your heart a deep resonance of understanding , awareness heightens  your perception.  You begin to see in the larger picture the resonance of Divinity in all  experiences and the whys of all experiences.  This insightfulness is within your heart – not of the ego mind.

Huge changes are occurring on and within our world and within our experiencing of living this life.  Many instituations changing in response to the transformative energies that are grounding through all life into the planet.  Never before has there been a time when the love light of the Creator Source of All is readily available within us all to be used to create the world that we want need and desire.

In the very near future Love in the frequency of light from the Creator will be the new currency of exchange – of harmonising – of integration – of healing  -re balancing and attuning and re aligning, between friends, neighbours, countries, cultures, creeds and governments.  

It is available Now. 

Crystalwhitelight Message

When Will We Learn  

When will we learn that as humane beings we are caretakers of the planet we inhabit and this responsibility also entails care taking of all species of life that are an indigenous part of the planet.  All species!

In our ignorance we have believed ourselves as superior to all other species of life. 

And this ignorance has even distorted the common perception of (any) realms of life ( aliens) beyond this planet we call home.

No species of life on this planet ( or any other) now known more readily as Gaia, is superior or inferior to any other life form.  No species!

All species of life including humanity is inter dependant and are created equally of energy, of light . 

If we could all  see by being aware of the energetic frequency of all aspects of life including the planet Gaia we would know and understand  our perception is flawed and realise the degree of our perception’s deficit.

If all humanity could see that the light that is of  the Creator within each and every one of us,  is within all aspects of life including Gaia  we would know and understand that in ignorance humanity is acting daily with irresponsibility and dis regard..

In our arrogance, in our ignorance the mass extinction is occurring of huge areas of the Amazonian Rain-forests an indigenous ecosystem  unreplecated any where else on this planet.

When will we learn? 

If it is here – it has been created and  it is needed, for it is part of the same inter dependant system we are part of. 

Our greatest challenge post 2012 is to consciously realise that no longer can we continue with old programmes/ patterns / beliefs if we desire to live in harmony and balance not only with each other but in harmony and balance with all life AND  planet Gaia. 

What would it be like to live on planet Gaia in harmony no earthquakes no hurricanes or tornadoes.

When we needed rain it would fall lightly gently.  This is the way it use to be and can be again. 

We have the choice. 

So let us choose to exercise our choice from a perception that is balanced and grounded in the reality of truth, knowledge and wisdom.

Educate your perception – your future choice by seeking,

The Truth  of what you are and your connection to all  areas of life ( physical and non physical.)

The Knowledge carried within the planetary library system that can be accessed at will.

The Wisdom that is  reawakening within you and can be applied for your and all lifes highest good.   

Sisters and Brothers  trust your in – tuition. Allow it to guide you in your seeking. 

May you walk lightly intently diligently in  Harmony and Joy .

With Love and Blessings