Ceremony of Light

Gaia’s Invitation

The Ceremony Celebration of Light  Transmission 24th January 2011

I wish to speak on ascension – that which is termed by your voices of today.  I term ascension as moving beyond the limits I have in the past transcended.

I do this – not alone. Nor do you.

Humanity and all life forms sentient, and non sentient – rocks, minerals and especially the Crystal Domain requires recognition of the energetic heart light that is the interconnectedness of all.

Oh my children so many wonders await – infinite wonders await you in your futures – your futures and mine.

In your evolution to accessing the Divine light that you are and manifesting this within the realms of physicality is a Divine wonder filled miraculous experience reserved in the past for those who relinquished the physical body.

I, as the planet that you so readily accept on a physical level, is am are so much more.  And this so much more is and wants, is Divinely ordained to serve you humanity and all that is of me.  I serve myself also as I serve you and in doing so I realise my Divinely potential for I am Divinely ordained, my children.

So again to bring to your conscious understanding – your evolution and mine are one and the same.

So let us together celebrate our joint purpose.

Let me propose a ceremony of light which all humanity is part of consciously / subconsciously to a greater or lesser degree.  This ceremony celebration will preceede the date of December 21 2012.  I choose the now moment to bring to your conscious awareness this Divine celebration so you may prepare your selves and spread the purpose, the understanding that comes with this celebration for the future.

This Divine occurrence is a Celebration of Light.

Will you, each of you- as humanity as a whole partake of this Divine opportunity?  Or will many of you continue your slumberings.  Will you dream of this in the nights of your resting only to wake and imagine was that light?  

Use all of that which you are to plan this wonder filled Celebration Ceremony.  Ask for assistance within yourselves on how to accomplish your attendance.  For your attendance will be in spiritual energetic form via your light body.

For those who have awakened or wish to re awaken the latent ability of clairvoyance – clear seeing, this will be the way of your witnessing.

For those who have re awakened or wish to reawaken the latent ability of clairsentience – clear feeling, this will be the vehicle through which you witness this occasion.

For those who have  re awakened or wish to re awaken the latent ability of clairaudience – clear hearing, this will be the way your witnessing serves you. 

And for those who have re awakened all these latent abilities of knowing, you will experience this Divine Ordained Celebration Ceremony in full crystalline stereo.  You will bear witness to the full event, all that occurs in full spectrum light, colour, sound.

And for those who have re awakened the latent mastery of manipulation of the light body at will, you attendance will be as light adding to , co creating the ceremony Celebration.  It will be beautiful beyond measure.

I say this to you, all children of me Divinely ordained to physical reality through me, all humanity has the potential to full spectrum witnessing and co creating.

You have work to accomplish – light energy heart work.  Let me be your teacher. 

I await your decisions. 

This I will receive from humanities group consciousness in the way I am viewed, in the way I am utilised, in the way I am honoured and the way I am loved.

For those conscious of the reality of the Divine interconnectedness of all there is, responsibility demands of you to exceed that which you are capable of at this time.  Let us join in co – education of those who are as yet still awakening from slumber.

I await your decisions.

I await you in full conscious knowing that all is well and heart/ love connections to me are opening, wanting to, looking to proceed with our next wonder filled joint adventure of co creating our evolution beyond that which we have endeavoured to create at any other occasion in our joint histories.

I await you all.

With love and blessings and in integrity this transmission may be shared in its entirety only acknowledging Gaia and providing a link to crystalwhitelight.com