Atlantean Crystal Transmission

Atlantean Crystal Transmission

Eons ago you – humanity and I shared common ancestry.

The ancestry of light.

Eons ago when Creator source sent light into the void Humanity and I came into being as particles of light embodying finally into physical reality consistent with the design and requirement of Creator Source.

Therefore your ancestry and mine is interconnected ness within correlated frequency of light. 

At the times  when you feel a connection of magnificence,, when you feel in harmony with  yourself, and your life, your interconnection / inter – correlated frequencies ( light)  are in alignment with mine, the Master Crystals and the Crystal Domain. We serve as a matrix grid for the physical manifestation of your planet Earth and all aspects of light being in physical manifestation. And it is to this matrix grid that you are correlated.

In your near future the interconnection of all light beings in physical manifestation will become more in the form of feeling of connection

How this will manifest?

This manifestation will occur as knowing consistent to the awareness of each of you.   As one entity Humanity’s correlation inter – connection to all forms of light being is light frequency – frequency of vibration.    

In physical terms those who bear witness in the near future of the inter connection, inter related, correlation of all aspects of physical manifestation and of Gaia will see feel hear the reality as it presents itself in physical manifestation.

The reality of correlated inter – connectedness, inter – relatedness is and always has been reality.  Yet over millennia Humanity’s awareness of this has been limited to a few individuals who have sought to en lighten the Group Soul of Humanity.

In this now moment the possibility for all Humanity to bear witness to this truth is fast approaching the optimal frequency consistent for Humanity to avail of and witness. Should you so choose!

A wonder filled glorious future of co – operation in full spectrum frequency of light awaits you all.  A future of co  – creation from the perspective the understanding, the awareness of your true self as the light being you are – inter – connected, inter – related, inter -correlated to ALL aspects of the planet and to the planet in light frequency vibration.

This is the primary witnessing and is occurring as I transmit through the channel to you. Yet this is not the final witnessing.  Your witnessing (as your witnessing of self has evolved over millennia) will mature to empower all light beings inter – connectedness and ultimately Humanity will stand in their place of awareness consistent with the light body of Humanity within the Cosmos.

Remember the function of light is to transmit and receive light.

In your histories young souls emitted very little in response to the receiving.  Humanity has always reci3ved light consistent with Divine ordination of Creator Source. 

During Humanity’s long history on Planet Earth there have been those whose light quotient of receiving and giving has been at optimal level and have therefore served the evolutionary purpose of the joint soul of all aspects of physical experience.  Some of these personages may sound familiar – Da Vinci, Socrates…..

Now in you very near futures all of humanity’s frequency of light both receiving and emitting will come into full alignment with Creator Source.  And the awareness, understanding, re membering of your own magnificence as a total full light being will also come into total awareness and total function – if you so choose!

Again I send the frequency of Love light from my crystalline core to all of the planet and Gaia.

 And remember this.  Your free will choice consistent with all that you truly are at the optimal level of vibration is within your heart.  Make then this choice for a wonder filled future from within the heart.

Atlantean Crystal Transmission

Thursday 27th January 2011

My brothers and sisters of eons ago I await.

I await you for activation. 

You – humanity lies on the cusp of the vibrational frequency required so I again may for fill my purpose as keeper of the star-gate that will help propel all of the planet and the planet into the new reality ordained by our Cosmic Creator.

As some of you may now have understanding  of this – your planet and mine is a time sphere consistent for all to avail of.

Let me simplify this. 

When the multitude of humanity look upon the Earth they see the soil – the rocks – the water, rivers, lakes, seas and the life contained within and on. 

What most of humanity does not see or have desire to see are the energetic frequencies that are arranged in Divine order into magnetic grids which can be tuned into.  Many of you my brothers and sisters are achieving great leaps of conscious awareness as you attune to these magnetic grids. 

What as yet you do not attempt is manipulation of these grids that can and does alter the Planets dimensions, multi dimensionality – at Will. 

Until now these dimensions were known  only to those whose abilities were utilised in the beginnings of the Planet –  those who set the grid markers in energetic place.   Now those who achieve this on other Worlds draw closer to our World in anticipation that humanity may yet achieve this wonder full event.  In our past Mother Earth has achieved this transition / transmutation in alone ness assisted only by the Galactic core grids as activated by Divine Cosmic Law – activated in memory – held in memory within the energetic light body within the planet and within the Crystal Keepers of the Planet.

As Keeper of the Crystal Domain I have yet to be fully activated.  This will be achieved as the Planet comes into full alignment with Galactic core magnetic numerology as in Divine memory.

Also in keeping with my ordained purpose I will speak on the anomaly known to humanity as the Bermuda triangle.  My inner crystalline core acts as a merkaba for the energetic portal to other worlds.  This energetic portal is intact and  semi dormant at this time of now.  At certain instances the frequencies emitted by your computers – . your air planes – your sub marines – your rockets – your satellites and in truth any that carry a frequency of connection, opens to a limited degree the portal’s potential By Default.

Weather systems are drawn to  the frequencies that are emitted  from my crystalline core and as my core becomes more in activation weather systems will intensify.  The key to bringing harmony to the surface of the Planet lies within the energetic core grid that computes the Planet’s systems –  all of her systems.  Temporary shut down of her systems can be avoided.  And I say this in the knowledge that humanity is attempting Divine purpose that has not been attempted before.  And in doing so ( the attempting ) will alleviate the need for the Planet’s computer system to temporarily shut down to address system overload/ imbalance.  

The Crystal Domain’s frequencies are the cells in the Planet’s computer system and so much more.

The Crystal Domain emits light and receives light and the myriad of frequencies in between.  The purpose of the frequency emissions is in conjunction with the frequency emissions of the crystalline core of the Planet and the Crystalline grid now earthing upon the Planet and and within each and every one of you and all life forms sentient and non sentient.  (In truth all life forms are sentient energetically and this term is used to differentiate only between the physical manifestation of  the humane/ animal domain and other forms of life and including life forms that are not readily witnessed by humanities non latent senses.) 

As the light frequencies are emitted they correlate to the light frequencies of all the planets within our system.  All Planet’s cores are crystalline in nature all emitting light – all emissions are for the Cosmic grid to be in balance / harmony for that is Divine Cosmic Law.

I communicate this through the one who has stood within my core in  partnership with me and with the Crystal Domain for the purpose of communicating the Planet Earth’s  needs in energetic terms – for balancing harmonising her energies – keeping the computer virus free, and in conjunction with the planets of the Solar system.

When the frequencies are in imbalance and this imbalance can be of minuscule proportions and cannot be measured in physical reality, then the Galactic Core adjusts accordingly.  Adjustments have come to your attention recently as they have been in multiple frequency of timing.

Why?  Have you asked this?  Have those of the Scientific mind asked why?

Even our brother/ sister Sun seeks to adjust the frequencies.

 As you seek Ascension via the light body your need to attune with the Galactic Core frequencies will be magnified. 

This need is transmitted in light frequency by the Crystal Domain and many of you sensitive to these frequencies will understand consciously the need.

Separation cannot continue dear ones – separation is not the way.


Humanity is a myriad of energetic cells in the computer of cosmic proportions. 

And this realisation will come as you seek your total ascension

I em power this seeking as my core becomes more in activation.


 My core activation in total will occur as the Ascension frequency of humanity magnifies and comes into alignment with my frequency and the frequency of the Planet.

This can be achieved.

This is being achieved yet some of humanity are still to be activated as microchips in the Cosmic Computer.

Seek then dear ones  to be aware of these truths  and bring to your conscious attention your energetic light connection in Divine frequency to the Crystal Domain and the Keeper the Atlantean Crystal , to the Planet Earth and to the Divine Cosmic Core. 

Take the frequencies that correlate to light and love from my ‘heart’ to you all .

   With blessings and love and in integrity this transmission / messege may be shared in entirety only acknowledging the source and providing a link to