Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Travelling, Exploring the New Dimensions

Consistent with your light quotient frequency as grounding within your physical body at the optimal moment of total re newel / ascension within the cosmic portal of Gaia –

Consistent to your frequency of inter connection to all aspects of Gaia in frequency of vibration that correlates to the matrix that is the physical and energetic aspects of the planet –

Consistent with the frequency of love light grounding within your heart soul and consistent to your understanding of self in your true reality –

 Consistent with all this and in frequency of vibration lies the opportunity, the ability to manipulate your light frequency within the matrixes of the planet, within the matrixes of the galaxy and within matrixes of the cosmos.

Within awareness of true self, within the intent to serve the self in the vibration of Creator Source, lies the potential, the optimal potential to self realise all that you are within all possibilities.

In simplistic terms.  If you wish to manifest in co operation with Gaia through thought to thought, this is open and available to you.

If you choose to travel within Gaia’s multi dimensional frequencies of reality, this is open and available to you.

If you choose to explore the Solar System – the Galaxy in all dimensions of reality not only physical, this is open to and possible for you.

Should you choose to witness / experience the multi dimensional aspects of the Cosmos in all realities, this is open to and possible for you.

Should you choose to witness / experience the multi dimensionality of Creator Source in full magnificence, all glorious full spectrum knowing – this too is possible and open to you.  

Yet your choice, your free will choice needs to be in alignment with your divinely ordained soul heart, for your intent – choice needs this creative energy frequency of vibration as the motivator of the self

Without the frequency of the heart / soul and the choice from this awareness your witnessing will be in one reality – the reality of the physical.

Witnessing multi dimensional realities whilst in physical experience is wondrous.  Yet to fully witness / experience all dimensions, all realities requires total discipline of self in total awareness of true self as in frequencies of vibration.  This effort is required of you by your soul in communion with Creator Source.

In your sleep/dream state of renewal you travel multi dimensionally unknowingly.

What is readily available to you consistent with the light frequency of vibration grounded within your heart / soul is multi dimensional travel consciously knowingly at will.

Your light frequency consistent to your ordained soul frequency is assured.

The rest is your free will choice.

Choose wisely!

Akashic Records

Transmission 30th January 2011

Remember this.  All is vibration.

All written works carry a consolidated vibrational frequency consistent to the truths contained within the work.  The closer to the reality of What Is the closer in frequency to What Is.  When a book is written its energy vibration reaches out subtely affecting change within other energy vibrations.  This is proven and readily accepted but not by all consciouslybuy cheap octopus bouncy castle

Within the physical realms of your Planet are areas of energy vibration that carry vital truths for you to avail of.  These truths are clues to your heritage and your past histories.

Many truths are left in physical form for your benefit, to stimulate awareness.   

Yet many of humanity do not question.

When consciously posed the question releases the answer.  

How is again a question?

The energetics of the question in thought reaches out and attunes to the frequencies which contain the answer.   These frequencies are emitted continually.  Attuning to these frequencies requires intent to serve the highest good and, the question and an opening up of the mind without pre conceived ideas.   

( Now I understand how I knew the answer to the questions I asked during doing written work for the Awareness Centre twenty years ago.)

Also you carry in frequency vital truths within your own energetic system  from your expereinces over many lifetimes.  Many such truths are held in vibrational frequency within the energy field of every humane being and every being of the planet including the planet.                      

The Planet is a library. 

Knowledge held in vibrational frequencies all of which can be and are being tuned into by those who have recognised their ability to adjust and attune their frequencies to the areas they intend to access. 

This ability known as channelling on your planet is latent in mankind – dormant in so many from non use.  Just as a muscle will atrophy from non use over a period of time.  The atrophying of mankind’s  latent abilities,  all  latent abilities  was gradual and took millenia of millenia as your focus of attention was on other areas of being – other energies. 

 Yet remember this.  Not only the energetics of Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom are in frequencies.  Harmony, Peace,  Love , Joy, Compassion, Beauty all are energy vibrations, frequencies of light. 

To fully understand and utilise to the greatest and highest good the frequencies of Truth. Knowledge, Wisdom carries huge responsibility.  When the Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom of your past is readily available in full spectrum knowing ie hearing, seeing, feeling, then your re turning may be accomplished in harmony, with self love, with joy and with compassion for all. 

Many of humanity are bearing witness to these truths and sharing with others so mass consciousness may avail of these truths. 

Yet again free will. as it has in your histories, has the potential to play a role in your re turning.

Those of you who have witnessed these occasions in history remember this.  Harmony,  joy with love and compassion is required within the heart. 


Many in your histories have made the re turning known as ascension.  They exist in multi dimensional Realms of Light as light and are assisting in your ascension.  Some have chosen to manifest within the physical experience to again bring guidance and light to the illusion of now.

Others conscious of the reality of free will chose not to avail of the completeness of their light body choosing to remain in frequency consistent to the physical experience. 

It has always been so.


Yet this now moment of Ascension bears a truth that was not available in your past histories. 


The light entity Gaia, the Planet in correlation with the Cosmic Centre is in alignment with the Galactic Core, consistent with the evolving frequencies of the Universe as ordained by the Source the Creator of all.

Within this now moment consistent with the alignment of the Galactic Core and the Cosmic Creator is the potential for all of the Planet, all frequencies of light to shift to the frequency of Ascension.  This potential in energetic terms correlates to Love, Harmony, Joy, Compassion.  These energetic frequencies are frequencies of inter connectedness.  This inter connectedness crosses all species boundaries. 

When the heart frequency of mankind correlates to, the heart frequency of the Planet Gaia, to the heart frequency of the Animal Domain,  to the heart frequency of the Plant Domain, to the heart frequency of the Crystal Domain,  to the heart frequency of all of Humanity and the heart frequency of the Creator, all potentials are available and can and will be realised, energetically.

Balance is the key to this mass understanding of the heart held in the frequency vibration of Love, unconditional love for all that is of the physical experience.

You may well ask How?  How will we understand know when we are attuned to the heart frequencies of all that is of the physical experience? 

The answer is, you will feel it. 

 You will feel it as a vibration of energy within your centre of self –  within the energetic centre of your heart.  The vibration ( feeling of ) is exquisite unlike anything you have felt before.  You will understand the connection to all areas of life  for the feeling ( the vibration) will stimulate this latent awareness of knowing. 

When this understanding, knowing  occurs within humanity at the level of the mass consciousness heart it will act as an energetic trigger / key and the wondrous event that humanity at the level of the group soul has dreamed about – will occur – Ascension.  You will be Masters of energetic frequencies with the realised re ability to create as you once did eons ago. 

Truth Beauty Compassion and Unconditional Love will be the creative force for all your creations

Reflect on this and question in your hearts via the vehicle of you thought = energy in action / motion. 

With blessings and love and in integrity this transmission may be shared in entirety only stating the source and providing a link to crystalwhitelight.com