A wordless knowing, a feeling that there was specific purpose reason for my being on earth began surfacing around my thirtieth birthday. 

Shortly afterwards in 1981 I conceived for a third time and there is a strong heart connection unlike anything I had ever felt, even before my daughter Elin’s birth.  (This connection and other soul issues were revealed to me years later in Ireland where I lived for twelve years)

During Elin’s  illness three years later I first recognised receiving guidance from Spirit.

 Family flowers only please, Donations in lieu to Leukaemia Research

I felt. knew I was being prepared for my daughter leaving.  Several days later I acted upon  this phrase and unknown to me at the time. this and annual fundraisers for Leukaemia Research started the process of more fully integrating and balancing my heart energies.

Witnessing her ‘death’ and my chaperoned requested meeting with her in sleep state  was the catalyst for me beginning my remembering – recognising who what I truly am.  Life, second marriage, deteriorating health  ( ME ) propelled me towards dealing with issues that veiled my awareness – my understanding.

During an intensive three month home course ( The Artists Way) early in 1998 which required a lot of writing I first received guidance in written form.  Later that year in a June night vigil the soul connection to my daughter, to my ex husband and to the Master Jesus was revealed and, my link to the Akashic Records.   At the request of my guides I spent the month of August at Carrowkeel, Co. Sligo, Ireland in silent solitude, walking and meditating.  I received healing, balancing and instruction and my life purpose was revealed.  I also had several precious ‘conversations’ with Elin  and knew I could not go on relating to her as a young child  as it was not her true essence. 

We want to show you your daughter as she truly is, said my guides a few weeks later.   And I see a being of  light radiating  as a four pointed star and know I need to say goodbye and let go.  

Since my time at the Megalithic Cairns I have focused on my unlimited potential as an  energy being in humane form and on being the best I could be to serve my purpose in being here.

In 2006  channelling from the Master began and I have been guided to release this now. 

In 2010 during the 11 11 Global Healing Meditation when I visualised Gaia the planet being close to my heart unexpectedly I received her first transmission. 

And earlier this year a transmission from the Atlantean Crystal, knowledge of which was brought to my attention by my guides in 1999 . 

With love and gratitude I acknowledge the loving patient nurturing partnership of The Master and my guides which has encouraged and enabled me and I honour my connection to the areas of life that use me as a channel for the material for this site.