Welcome to Crystal White Light

Guided into creation with love from the Realms of Light.

Dear Angelic Family of Light, my sisters and brothers

As we go through the doorway, the energetic portal at the end of December 2012 we need to be aware of the outdated ways of perceiving and relating to, ourselves, each other and especially other life forms and in particular Planet Earth herself.

Many of you may have difficulty with the concept that your Global Family includes all other species of life – the Animal, Plant, Elemental   and Crystal Domains and Planet Earth known as Gaia. 

You may struggle opening your heart to this truth as  you  struggle to open your heart to your own truth that the magnificent being that you are, is more than a physical body.   

As outdated perceptions are recognise and released, latent ancient abilities will  be remembered and re learned. A spiritual /energetic re awakening of skills necessary for living  integrated harmonious lives in partnership with Gaia and all life forms.

This is in accordance with humanites Divinely ordained purpose.  

These are the challenges presented post 2012.  Are you willing, are you able  to take up these challenges that are consistent with  your decision to be born into this experience at this particular time.  The light that is you, is needed. 

Crystal White Light is dedicated to supporting and encouraging you as humanity and all life goes through energetic re – alignment and  re – attunement.  And with  love and blessings serve as a channel to the Areas Of Light that share support and co – create this experience we call Life  

  Any question you may have of the Message / Transmission Sources, ask it in your mind with intent to serve your highest good and soul purpose and  direct it  to where you want it to go.  This I strongly encourage you to do.  Be open to receiving  the answer directly- you have the ability.   Alternatively mail to ask@crystalwhitelight.com